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Intuitive drag-and-drop interface built for collaboration on plant design 

Reduce water treatment design times by up to 70%*

Comprehensive, powerful treatment plant process design platform

Easy-to-use drag and drop interface with pre-populated assumptions for common designs. Get scenarios up and running in less than 24 hours.

Our web-based interface provides collaborative change control and audit trail capabilities, speeding up design times as teams can work on the same design simultaneously.

The platform provides a vast number of best practice, literature-supported industrial and biological treatment models, with over 50 different process units covering over 60 different parameters.

Automatic calibration & validation

Bring model calibration time down to just 4 hours

EVS Water Designer includes a unique automatic calibration function, where thousands of model configuration scenarios are simultaneously compared and evaluated to provide the most accurate and reliable calibrated model configurations for the target design.

Workflow & collaboration

Automatic production of key engineering deliverables

Automatically produce your engineering deliverables all from within EVS Water Designer, including generating material balances, plant and equipment sizing, stream properties, speciation modelling, electrical load schedules, equipment schedules and design reports.

Best-practice models & Design tools

Model operational scenarios and design for your requirements

EVS Water Designer allows you to design to your specific water quality and cost targets, with easy comparison of key lifecycle metrics and performance commitments for each design option.

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Frequently asked questions

What information will EVS Water Designer tell me?

EVS Water Designer is a process design and virtual marketplace application for water treatment. You will be able to effectively design a water treatment plant, run all your boundary condition scenarios, generate vendor rfqs and obtain pricing and equipment datasheets, produce a PFD that can be either exported to CAD software, produce a Mass & Heat balance in Excel, produce a process design report in Word, generate a lifecycle evaluation, electrical load schedule, equipment lists and other documentation relevant to process design. The software will size each unit operation or you can choose to specify the dimensioning data. Every modelling result will provide unit operation sizing data, stream properties, stream concentrations, mass flows, precipitated solids, information about scaling and corrosion and saturation indices. The software predicts solubility in each stream by using a sophisticated speciation engine that has been calibrated and validated for process conditions, also considering the impact of dissolved gases on redox and equilibrium relationships between inorganic species. It will highlight where you might have a process design issue or when you have exceeded a parameter threshold.

What type of files and documents can I export?

You can export the flowsheet, generate a mass & heat balance, chemical consumption tables, process design & modelling reports, operating costs, vendor rfq's, capital costs, electrical load schedules, equipment lists. There is no vendor lock-in - these documents can be exported either as a .dxf, .xls, .doc, .emf or .pdf depending on the type of deliverable.

What type of unit operations can I model in EVS Water Designer?

Currently, there are over 50 unit operations that are common to water and wastewater treatment. These include from chemical dosing to conventional settling processes such as clarifiers, filters and also membrane systems, thermal systems with electrolytic systems on the way. Unit Operations are split between single feed, dual feed or countercurrent operations like a cooling tower or heat exchanger, mixers, splitters and rotating equipment such as pumps, blowers, compressors. Biological treatment processes are based on the ASM modelling framework and cover the key operations related to aerobic treatmen.

What support is available for EVS Water Designer?

You can either speak with our process support by clicking on Contact Support under the Help tab or you can send an email to or if your question relates to a particular plant design or modelling result, you can check the box "Shared with AqMB Support" which will generate a support case and one of our process engineers will be assigned to help you.